Convenient Blender

The only portable blender you need to satisfy your daily cravings of fresh smoothies, milkshakes or any blended drinks. Powerful and beautifully designed, this new wave of compact blenders allow you to value both time and health.

Anytime Anywhere

With our portable blender you will experience the freshest, most amazing flavors everywhere you go, because you are living in the future with our portable and USB rechargeable blender. After blending 8-12 beverages on a single charge.

Compact and portable design made from BPA free food-safe materials. Fits in most standard-sized cup holders with built-in strainer.

Blender's Power

With Vitamer Portable Blender and its four stainless steel blades, you are not sacrificing power to comfort! 

The Vitamer Portable Blender is so powerful that it can even crush the ice. With 14000 RPM speed, you can quickly stir up a variety of fruit, fruit juice, soy milk, milk shake, rice paste


Enjoy the freshest and most amazing flavors wherever you go, thanks to Our Portable Blender and its built-in 2000mAh rechargeable USB mixer. With USB charging line, anytime, anywhere can charge, and no longer need to worry about no electricity, home, travel necessity

After mixing 8 to 12 drinks in one charge, simply plug them into any USB port or charger to charge them. Our Portable Blender is the most powerful portable mixer.

Easy Cleaning

All without kitchen or power outlet. In addition, your Vitamer Portable Blender will clean up pretty much all by itself. Thanks to its smart safety protection device and magnetic sensing switch, it's ultra safe to use and clean, the Vitamer Pro Portable Blender's body and bottom can be separated. Just add water and an optional drop of soap and it's done! 


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